Extreme Team ready to reveal Daybreak handiwork

Extreme Team ready to reveal Daybreak handiwork

It’s the final day of the KXLY 4 Extreme Team project and they’re wrapping up their work on updating Daybreak Youth Services.

When the started, the bedrooms were drab, dark, depressing, uninviting and uncomfortable. They weren’t a place that teen girls would want to live.

All that has changed, thanks to multiple hardworking teams, making the rooms comfortable, colorful and inviting.

In the dining room area the carpets have been redone, there’s new art hanging on the walls and a lot of work was done here to make this gathering room more inviting for the girls.

The glass door in the courtyard had a film installed to the glass to cut down on energy costs; it also looks nice and will keep the inside of the building cooler.

The whole purpose of this project is to make Daybreak more inviting to teen girls to help them recover from their addiction, and the Extreme Team has managed to make this facility a much more inviting place.