Extreme Team reaches out to help wounded warrior

Extreme Team reaches out to help wounded warrior

Colonel Darel Maxfield is a former teacher, a father and a former Army officer who was sidelined by a stroke that left him partially disabled. Now the KXLY Extreme Team is working to get some much needed work done at the home of this wounded warrior.

Maxfield, a former teacher at Ferris High School, deployed to Iraq on one of his tours overseas.

“I worked with the Iraqis. I was a different soldier, I commanded a brigade of Iraqi infantry and actually built the national training center for the Iraqi army,” he explained.

Before redeploying a second time to Afghanistan Maxfield suffered a stroke. That, along with his PTSD, left him a changed man.

“One day you are a soldier with a tittle and a uniform and a place and a support mechanism, you know mostly, to be honest with you, a place, and then the next day, you have no place,” he said.

Maxfield’s place now is his home, and the Extreme Team is coming in to give his place a makeover, working with Zerorez to clean the carpets and duct work while Maid Brigade cleans the rest of his home, a place where he hosts a prayer group and hosts other veterans for coffee, to talk through their concerns.

“All’s they want to be is normal again, all’s they want to be is themselves and that is very difficult because you are not the same person as when you left,” Maxfield said.

So the Extreme Team hits Maxfield’s home at oh-dark-thirty Tuesday morning, giving back a little something to a man who has given his all for his country.

Ferris Teacher heading to Iraq (KXLY Archive video from August 2006)

Students at Ferris High School this fall will be saying goodbye to one of their teachers as Social Studies teacher Darel Maxfield prepares to leave school and head for Iraq.

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