Extreme Team pays visit to Jace Malek

Extreme Team pays visit to Jace Malek

The KXLY 4 Extreme Team was back in action Wednesday to help lend a hand to Jace Malek and his family.

Just a week and half ago Malek lost his right leg to cancer, including his right pelvis. He was a standout athlete at West Valley High School and signed a letter of intent to play football at the University of Idaho, and now he’s showing everyone the true meaning of courage and strength, and it’s that strength that caused the Extreme Team a little trouble.

The original plan was to build a ramp to help him get around his home, but he cruised through his rehab in Seattle and St. Lukes, went home early and didn’t need the ramp. Cancer is not slowing Malek down from chasing his football plans.

“I’m going to start full up practices and Saturdays I’m going to fly out and go to a game, then on Sunday I’ll be able to get in a car and drive back for my chemo, then I’ll get out as soon as I can and then I should have a week break in-between,” he said.

“Jace has such a good attitude and such a strong mentality that he makes it easier to be with him everyday,” Malek’s mom, Anna Ackerman said.

So while the ramp didn’t get built, the Extreme Team showed up and cleaned up his family’s home, with help from Zerorez.