Extreme Team helps clear out stumps left over from windstorm

Extreme Team helps clear out stumps left over from windstorm

For many homeowners who experienced damage from the windstorm the sound of chainsaws brought grief to their wallets as they tried to remove downed trees from their property. On Thursday the KXLY Extreme Team brought some welcome relief to those who still had stumps left behind.

“It’s very expensive, so it wasn’t on our plan to do once we cleaned up the mess,” Mary Jilbert said.

Then to add to the stress some were even taken advantage of, with people paying deposits to get their stumps removed only to have the person pocket the money and never remove the stump.

But on Thursday the Extreme Team resolved that problem for nearly 30 homeowners across Spokane, with neighbors and businesses pitching in to help their neighbors.

“I think the most inspiring thing is that there is so many people willing to help. I think that’s the one thing we don’t appreciate when disasters happen,” Debbie Cristafir said.

By the looks of some of the stumps you could see where homeowners tried to remove them unsuccessfully, but they were no match for the Extreme Team.

“We’re lucky that there are people out there that care so much for the community, I feel now like I should pay it forward,” Jilbert said.

“One of the things I can cross off the list,” Cristafir said.

It was more than just removing an eye sore, it was about giving people their sense of home, security and even giving back the money they lost.