Extreme Team helping Spokane Humane Society go green

Extreme Team helping Spokane Humane Society go green

The KXLY 4 Extreme Team is hard at work helping the Spokane Humane Society go green as they renovate the building from floor to ceiling and everything in-between.

The cool thing about this project is that Mark Peterson and his team are making it as green as possible. On Monday Avista installed several LED lights outside as well as over the outside dog walking area. Inside Mountain State Electric donated LED lights to help brighten up the space.

Going green for this project is not only going to benefit the environment but help cut back on costs.

“Not only are we getting better light but we are also getting more cost efficient and every penny we save is one more we can put towards helping animals in need,” Dave Richardson with the Spokane Humane Society said.

Also, to make the building even more energy efficient, Sturm Heating and Cooling came in and balanced the system.