Extreme Team helping bring family back together

Extreme Team helping bring family back together

Christmas is always better when shared with brothers, sisters, moms and dads. The KXLY Extreme Team knows that, which is why they took on a special project to bring one family home for the holidays.

Mitch and Jennifer recently adopted three wonderful girls, Jules, 11; Brie, 9; and Maggie, 8.

Originally the couple wanted to adopt one child.

“And then we met them,” said Mitch.

That’s how they ended up with three girls in their home.

“The journey is really, really, really worth it,” said Jennifer.

However someone was missing, the girls’ older brother. He’s 13 and hasn’t been adopted yet, but his sisters have nice things to say about him. So what’s he like?

“Nice,” Maggie said.

Even if he is a boy.

“Boys are trouble makers, yeah,” Jules said.

On Wednesday Mitch and Jennifer told the girls the news.

“We wanted to let you know that he’s coming home with us! He’s going to live here,” said Mitch.

“How am I supposed to know this if it doesn’t happen today,” Jules asked.

This family of five is about to get bigger.

“Feels like the right thing to do to keep them all together,” said Jennifer.

“Are we going to do his room before my room? Because I don’t want to share a room,” Jules said.

That’s where Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team come in. You see, in order to adopt another child Mitch and Jennifer need another room in the home. Their hands may be full, but so are their hearts.

“I know some of the girls are going to struggle at first but they’ll see. There’s enough mom and dad to go around,” said Mitch.

So the Extreme Team starts construction this week with building another bedroom in time for Jules, Bree and Maggie to be reunited with their brother for Christmas.