Extreme Team field days Marine vet’s home

Extreme Team field days Marine vet’s home

Jesse Bruce served our country in the Marines from 2001 to 2005 as a combat engineer. He’s a Purple Heart recipient, an experience he’d rather not talk about. Tuesday, KXLY’s Extreme Team showed its appreciation for Bruce by doing some work on his house.

Like many vets Bruce is working through PTSD and has been involved in the Warriors Heart to Art program, helping vets heal through creative arts.

It was his buddies in the Wounded Warriors Project that nominated him for this Extreme Team project, but Bruce says it was hard for him to accept the help.

“I admittedly at first I didn’t want to do it, knowing that there was the potential for having the news crew come out was just terrifying for me,” he said.

His concern is understandable as the cameras and the cleaning crews might be overwhelming for anyone.

“I don’t want to put my burden on anyone else. I would rather just do it myself,” he said.

But Jesse Bruce is in good hands with the Extreme Team.

“I talked to a couple of the guys who had gone through it and they said you just need to open your mind a little bit and let it happen and the benefits are huge. I am already seeing a difference,” he said.

From the duct work and air vents down to his carpets, his home received a thorough deep cleaning from top to bottom courtesy of Zero Rez and The Cleaning Authority.

A look at the final product and Bruce was blown away by the difference.

“It smells better, it feels better in there,” he said. “It’s incredible. I can’t believe it.”

The best part of this Extreme Team project was that Bruce’s wife has no idea this happened. She gets home Tuesday around midnight and will walk into a perfectly cleaned home.