Extreme Team almost finished with Daybreak project

Extreme Team almost finished with Daybreak project

Mark Peterson and the KXLY4 Extreme Team are hard at work at Daybreak Youth Services, continuing to make progress as they work from sun up to sundown in preparation for Thursday big reveal.

Day 3 of the Extreme Team project started bright and early at 5 a.m. with PAML showing up against with a full crew painting the hallways and the rooms downstairs. Also, Precision Contracting started the carpet upstairs. Everything downstairs is done, upstairs needs to be done. Wednesday’s volunteers, some of them slightly younger than Tuesday’s crew, as the Central Valley School District sent the kids over from their “School to Life” program.

“We have kids that are 18-21 years old that are in a transitional program, helping to figure out how they’re going to have a real meaningful, purposeful fit in our community and this is one of the things that they get to do. Come down here and get real world experience doing construction, helping with the painting crew, so this is really, really special to all of us,” Jennifer Compau Boyd with the Central Valley School District said.

The hard work of these young adults is going to pay off in a big way by creating a warm environment to help teenage girls recover from drug and alcohol addiction. They did a great job, they love helping, and they are determined.

“When we were doing our little training at the beginning of it, they said, ‘We’re going to do something good for other people.’ That was the kind of thing in the center of their heart. They’re really, really wonderful,” Compau Boyd said.

Those young men and women were fantastic, and helped the Extreme Team out tremendously. Coming up is the big reveal, though before that the crew has to put a lot of finishing touches on Daybreak before the deadline Thursday evening.