Extended power outage challenges local business

The fallout from Wednesday morning’s storm was still widely felt across Spokane Thursday. That was especially true for those entering day two without power.

The Grain Shed, which is a Perry District brewery and bakery, lost power during that early season storm. Co-owner Teddy Benson said the worry only grew as the hours passed.

“We could see thousands and thousands of dollars worth of loss from it,” Benson said.

That is a hard reality for a business to face.

“There’s a lot of frustration having to go through and pour out some really, nice expensive products and things like that,” Benson said.

But, they had no other choice.

The Grain Shed had huge refrigerators and freezers full of dairy, produce, and other products sensitive to temperature changes. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a backup generator for power.

“Losing cold storage and losing thousands of dollars worth of products, that’s a really hard thing to swallow,” Benson said.

It was also hard to watch as customers were turned away at the door. A sign noted the business was temporarily closed until the lights came back on inside.

“Thankfully everyone was very understanding,” Benson said.

Things looked dire by Thursday afternoon. Then, came some hope. Avista restored power to the building at about 2:00 p.m.

Grain Shed will not be able to reopen tomorrow morning. The starters for their bread was too old by the time the power came back on. Swing by on Saturday though or visit them at tonight’s market on Perry Street. #Spokane #storm https://t.co/PMDd7rgIte

— Ariana Lake (@arianaKXLY) October 10, 2019

It wasn’t soon enough for them to get their dough ready for the next day though. Benson said The Grain Shed will be closed Friday, but should have regular hours Saturday.

They were able to make some cookies and a few loaves of bread on Wednesday, which they’ll be selling at the Perry Street Market Thursday night.