Experts predict grocery prices to rise even more through end of year

SPOKANE, Wash.–Grocery prices are going up and it’s predicted they’ll continue climbing through the end of the year.

Kroger, one of the largest grocery chains in the country, says that its inflation will soon fall on customers in the coming months. It says prices will go up another three percent.

One of the biggest changes is the price of beef. which has gone up 14-percent this year. The price for pork has gone up 12-percent compared to last year and poultry is up more than six percent. It’s not just meat prices that are on the rise. Fruit prices have gone up 5.2-percent from last year.

One of the few areas that have seen price decreases over the last year is fresh vegetables, which is down six percent.

The overall reason behind it is supply shortages, labor shortages, the cost of transportation and warehousing is rising.

Kroger says it’s dealing with theft and that’s driving up prices, and also the big recent storms have had an impact on supply shortages.