Expert Girl Scout cookie seller offers up her tricks of the trade

Girl Scout cookie season is in its final days. Sunday is the last day you can get your hands on your favorites like Samoas, Tag-a-Longs and Thin Mints!

The Spokane area has lots of Girl Scouts selling cookies, including Miranda Reed. She is a cookie selling superstar! During her busiest year, she sold 5,000 boxes. Some days, she averaged 1,000 boxes sold.

“I usually take like 1 day off a week to try and do some homework,” Reed explained about life during cookie season.

When it gets down to crunch time, a lot more than just homework takes a back seat.

“There was one day, I don’t even think I went to the bathroom,” said Reed. “If I did, it was like once. I didn’t eat any food. Drink any water. I was just there to sell.”

In 11 years of selling Girl Scout cookies, Reed has sold 16,000 boxes and made bank.

“You get 50 cents of every box sold in an account for college,” said Reed. “So, I have just about under $9500 in a college scholarship money.”

That number does not include the 2,500 boxes she is trying to sell this year.

“Its great to see my hard work is really paying off,” Reed said.

Being that it is her last year of cookie selling, Reed is a little bit more willing to share the secrets to her massive success.

“I definitely say the first one is talking to bigger companies to get them to buy cookies for their company,” Reed shared.

Hello Sugar and Brain Freeze Creamy are her among her customers.

“The second one would be going to places that the council doesn’t set up,” said Reed.
Over spring break her sales average about 200 boxes a day in the Gonzaga student center.

She added,” the third would definitely be what every girl hates hearing, but it’s to ask every single person.”

Reed breaks potential customers into three categories. There’s the curious and those that want to buy.

“Then some really don’t want to buy but you ask them and they feel obligated to!”

It’s no wonder she has already decided her future is in marketing.

“Whenever I sell cookies I have people say to me, ‘You should go in to business and I’m like, I’m already on that, don’t worry,'” said Reed.

Reed plans to attend Eastern Washington University in the fall and study marketing,

One of her biggest “cookie selling rivals” is Mikayla Butler in Post Falls. Butler has already sold 5,000 boxes this year and has set her sights high, aiming to sell 6,500 by Sunday.

Butler’s strategy is a bit different. She, too, asks every person who walks by during her booth hours to buy, but she focuses more on selling at big box stores during their busiest hours.

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