Ex-Chief Diplomat Says Palin Not Ready But Could Become ‘Adequate’

WASHINGTON — She’s not ready to be president, but with time she could become “adequate.”

That’s Lawrence Eagleburger’s assessment of Sarah Palin.

The former secretary of state and John McCain supporter was asked in an interview with National Public Radio if he thought the Alaska governor would be ready to take over in a crisis. His response: “of course not.”

But he went on to say he could name “any number of other vice presidents who were not particularly up to it, either.”

Eagleburger says the question that should be asked is “can she learn and would she be tough enough” if she were asked to become president? He says if she’s given some time as vice president he expects she’d be adequate, though not likely “a genius in the job.”

Asked about Eagleburger’s assessment, McCain tells ABC’s “Good Morning America”: “Larry has never had a chance to meet Sarah.”