EWU facing another $3.5 million budget cut

Another blow for Eastern Washington University as it prepares for a second round of budget cuts.

For 137 years, students have come to Eastern Washington University to find the education they’re looking for. Lately, fewer students are coming to Cheney.

“Sometimes the trend tends to be that when the economy is doing well, more people are working and they’re not in school,” said Dave Meany, Communications Director for Eastern Washington University.

In 2018, EWU had 10,548 undergraduates enrolled. Last year, that dropped to 10,264 students. That’s 284 fewer students in just one year.

“Overall the enrollment numbers have lagged a bit behind where we had hoped. That’s just the reality of it,” said Meany.

It’s a reality that’s left the university with no other option than to cut costs.

“We’re going to look at ways that can do this with minimal impact to campus and to students,” Meany said.

This comes after the 3% budget cut at the end of last June, which amounted to $3.6 million dollars and left students with fewer teachers.

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Now an additional $3.5 million will be cut from the schools budget, but no one will say where that money will come from.

“We’re going to have forums. We’re going to have input from faculty and staff,” said Meany.

These budget cuts won’t impact this school year. A decision on those cuts is set to be finalized by June 2020.