‘Everything inside was left behind’: Family loses home but not hope as Corkscrew Fire rages on

LOON LAKE, Wash. — The Corkscrew Fire’s burned over 21 square miles, and 800 homes are still in the fire’s path. 18 homes are destroyed, and families who’ve lost everything are trying to find the strength to start from scratch.

Melodie Hall grew up in Springdale. She’s used to the threat of wildfires but didn’t think one would ever hit her home.

“When the fire started, it was like a 5-acre fire and so many miles away.” she said. “I never thought it would grow so large or travel so far.”

The fire started south of Ford but quickly spread because of the wind and extremely dry conditions. When it hit Rail Canyon Rd., Melodie wasn’t even home. She was visiting family in Spokane when her dad called and said he could only grab her pets and vehicles before it hit.

“Basically, everything inside was left behind,” Melodie said.

The home’s been in the family since Melodie was a child. While she’s thankful everyone made it out alive, she’ll miss the treasures inside the most.

“Photos of my grandma who passed away and my mom and things from them and knowing that I don’t have those anymore, and they’re just gone because that’s all I had,” she said. “They were all hard copy, so there’s no way to get those things back, so that’s just very hard for me.”

What’s also hard is she hasn’t been able to see what’s left behind of the damage. It’s just too dangerous. Crews are relying on airstrikes and ground attacks to contain the spread, but the conditions aren’t showing them any favor.

“It’s a lot more for our crews to get through that area, to construct that dozer line and stay safe within that steep rugged terrain,” said Isabelle Hoygaard, the Public Information Officer for the Corkscrew fire.

To help teams fight, out-of-state crews came in on Wednesday. They’re hoping this additional manpower can stop the spread.

Melodie is staying with her sister but needs to find more stable housing. As she tries to rebuild, she’s thankful for the help she’s received and can only think of everyone else who’s lost it all in the fire’s destructive path.

“It’s scary, and it makes me sad for all the people, the others that have been displaced by this,” Melodie said.
“We’ve been through struggles before, and we’ve made it through. We’ll make it through this too.”

If you want to help the Hall family, they have a GoFund me set up here to help them rebuild again.

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