Everyone wants Wilson, but the Seahawks say otherwise

SEATTLE, Wash. — After the NFL season came to a close, the Seahawks left empty-handed.

After missing the playoffs and with no first-round draft picks, the 2022 offseason could be detrimental to Seattle’s football program. With so many undecided free agents on the roster too, the team may be scrambling until September.

However, one uncertainty about the team was quickly shut down: trading Russell Wilson.

The team said that they have no plans of trading their long-time quarterback unless they are absolutely forced to. Wilson has two years left on his contract with Seattle, so the team would very much like to keep him at least until his contract expires.

However, according to Ian Rappaport, Wilson did say he wanted to explore his options with different teams this year, but will not demand a trade. If Wilson does end up demanding a trade though, his landing spots are relatively unclear.

In last year’s offseason, there were many blockbuster trade rumors surrounding Seattle and Las Vegas. A Derek Carr for Russell Wilson QB swap to be exact. Both are high-caliber quarterbacks, but one has a clearly better resume.

Carr’s been a solid quarterback in his own right, as he just led his team to the wildcard. However, he does not have the greatest postseason record, and Las Vegas thinks Wilson could turn that around for them.

The Raiders are alone though, as just about any NFL team lacking in the QB position would kill to have Wilson on their roster.

The Jets, Steelers, and Broncos are just a few of the many teams wanting Wilson next season. The Steelers especially, since Ben Roethlisberger just played his last game with the team. The Eagles also show a lot of interest, as they had a playoff-bound team but couldn’t really do much once they made it there.

There are not many players who the Seahawks would be willing to take in exchange for Wilson. However, draft picks are getting more valuable every year, so who knows? They could easily trade for a lottery pick in hopes of getting a young superstar, but they do not seem like the type of organization to take that risk, especially with Pete Carroll still at the helm.

Russell Wilson will most likely stay on the Seahawks next season, but a trade can not be completely ruled out.

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