‘Everyone needs a chance’: Squalor homes seen as opportunities for local homebuyer

SPOKANE, Wash. — There are hundreds of nuisance homes in our area, and we’re simultaneously facing a housing shortage. Now, one local man is turning these run-down homes into opportunities for others.

A home at 44 W 29th Ave, between Division and Browne, is in the middle of a major transformation.

NWC Investments started earlier this week and have already hauled away four dumpsters from the property full of garbage.

When the home was purchased by NWC Investments, the front door couldn’t even be opened.

“With this house, they’re going to completely gut it out to the studs, all new electrical, all new plumbing, all new everything basically and turn it into a beautiful home like all the other ones in this neighborhood,” explained Josh Saiz, the owner of NWC Investments.

Saiz is motivated by more than just money. “Not only are we fixing up houses, but our goal is to fix up our community,” he told us.

The man who lived in this South Hill home was without running water for 10-years.

“Taking on projects like this… I don’t want to do this. It’s gross. It’s not fun. But, by fixing this house up, I’m giving another family an opportunity to own a home that’s going to be in good shape and then the whole neighborhood gets better,” Saiz told our team.

Saiz recognizes the issues our community faces, and he sees the possibility in these homes that were once squalor.

“Only 15% of people can afford the average price of a house in Spokane,” he explained. “Everyone needs opportunity and everyone needs a chance. Homeownership gives a lot of people purpose and value. It’s providing them with these opportunities.”

NWC Investment’s take is based on a variety of factors that include expenses and current market value. At the end of it all, 25% of proceeds are donated back to local charities to combat the drug and homeless issues our community face.

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