Everyday Heroes – Xylina Weaver

Everyday Heroes – Xylina Weaver

Every woman deals with the challenge of new motherhood differently. For many, they face a roller coaster of emotions ranging from confusion, self-doubt and anxiety. Thankfully there’s Xylina Weaver, who has taken it upon herself to make that every mother can be a success story.

Xylina Weaver has led the Mom and Baby group at Sacred Heart Medical Center for the past year. It’s a group where new moms come together to learn and share their experiences.


“It’s been terrific, the last four or five months,” said new mother Dana Stroud. “Going to this course has been key to my confidence as a new mother.”

New mother Laura Hathorn agrees. “Xylina has been there for so many women through breast feed education and early childhood education.”

“We really do create an atmosphere where it’s your choice, and who knows better than you, what your baby will need and what is going to work best for your family,” Xylina told us.

Xylina is a mother of two. When she had her first child six years ago she realized that she and her husband didn’t have all the resources they needed. Since then, she’s worked to help other women make that same transition into motherhood.

“It just sparked a passion in me,” Xylina said. “To help show other moms that this can be a great thing, from pregnancy through birth through breastfeeding that you can really have a positive experience.”

The women in Xylina’s group embrace her passion, and want to share it with others.

“Every since woman I’ve ever seen pregnant since then I’ve been like ‘Oh, you have to come to this,'” said new mother Ginny Abdallah.

Xylina was honored, but a little hesitant to be called a hero. “I was astonished, and I don’t see myself necessarily as a hero. I’m just a mom that’s trying to make things better for all moms.”

It might just mean that the words “mom” and “hero” mean the same thing.

To learn more about Xylina, visit SpokaneBirthSupport.com

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