Everyday Heroes – Mike and Jessica Kovac

Everyday Heroes – Mike and Jessica Kovac

Mother Theresa once said, “Give, but give until it hurts.”

A Spokane area couple may be feeling the financial pain of their ministry, but what they’ve received by helping others – is irreplaceable.

Mike and Jessica Kovac have spent their life savings feeding Spokane’s homeless, but they say that they are the ones who have been blessed beyond measure.

Everyday Heroes – Mike and Jessica Kovac

The husband and wife team are the founders of Blessings Under the Bridge. The program started in 2007 and was first meant to give the homeless a little something extra special.

“We give them gourmet food. We don’t use the words ‘peanut butter and jelly’ or ‘bologna.’ We want them to have the stuff you and I like. We want them to drink Starbucks coffee,” Jessica said.

Blessings Under the Bridge serves up a weekly meal at 3rd and McClellan under the I-90 overpass, but they say one of the most important things they offer is a hefty dose of unconditional love – no strings attached.

The pair took their passion for helping and spread it to others in Spokane, and what started out as a small gathering downtown has turned into something much bigger.

“The mayor came down, driving around with his two sons in the backseat. He saw us under here and was like ‘What are you guys doing?’ and we told him and he goes ‘I want to talk to you about a plan’ and I go ‘Well, we’re not really into plans, we’re into hope and love,’ and he said ‘That’s what I really want to talk to you about.'” Jessica said.

“What we do here is so simple,” Jessica said. “We just give them the things that we want. We want a friend, we want an ear, we want them to be treated the way we want to be treated.”

The couple has spent the last $40,000 of their savings in the last two years, but through all their hard work and struggles they know even the smallest pay off makes it worth it.

“If one person a year gets off the streets by what we’re doing, it’s worth it all. What kind of price can you put on that?” Mike asked.

It’s impossible to know how many people’s lives these two heroes have touched, but one thing is for sure. They will continue to live, love and serve long into the future.