6 homes, 8 structures lost to wildfire in Lind

LIND, Wash. — Six homes and an additional eight structures have been lost to a wildfire burning in the town of Lind.

All evacuation orders have been lifted and those living in the town can return to their homes. Containment is estimated to be around 100 percent.

The wildfire has burned about 25 hundred acres of land on the south side of town. Crews from Grant County, Franklin County and a strike team working the Vantage Fire assisted in the firefight.

Highway 395 and State Route 21 are fully open.

Grant Miller, a wheat farmer, says he believes he was responsible for the fire. He says a combine caught on fire on his property, and the fire quickly spread due to the wind.

“I’m distraught right now,” Miller said. “To have people’s homes, I know get burned you know, and their whole lives turned upside down, it’s not fun, it’s devastating. I pray for everybody, and my heart for…forgiveness, please, it was an accident that nobody knew what it was.”

One firefighter was airlifted to a local hospital due to smoke inhalation, but beyond that there were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.