ESD pays out $625 million in unemployment benefits to Washington residents

Wa Esd Employment Security Department

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington’s Employment Security Department (ESD) paid out over $625 million this week to unemployed claimants statewide.

This payout is part of the Lost Wages Assistance program, a temporary federal service designed to ease the burden on people out of work. It provides an extra $300 in unemployment benefits for a six-week period from August 1–September 5.

“These additional funds to help unemployed workers are welcome – providing much needed assistance to Washingtonians and their families during this crisis,” said ESD Commissioner, Suzi LeVine. “I urge anyone who received benefits during that time to log in to your unemployment account as soon as possible and answer the eligibility question, if you have not yet done so, as you may be entitled to additional money.”

This six-week period was necessitated by the limited amount of emergency funds, and this program is separate from the CARES Act’s $600 per week, which ended at the start of August.
Lost Wages Assistance has different eligibility requirements and is shared between all 50 states.

Combined with the previous payouts all through the pandemic, ESD says they have given out around $10.6 billion in unemployment benefits to Washington residents.
For more information, visit the ESD website here.