Enjoy some drive-in movies at HUB Sports Center

HUB Sports Center provides P.E., academic programs to supplement virtual learning
HUB Sports Center
They're offering a variety of programs students and families this fall to make the school year feel a little more normal.

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — HUB Sports Center is hosting drive-in movie nights throughout September and October.

Between now and October 24, you can enjoy this socially-distanced, throwback American pastime.

Simply pay $20 to admit your car—be it a date, friends or family—although the maximum number of people allowed in the car is based on how many seatbelts it has, according to HUB.

Their next movie, airing this Saturday, is Twister!

Next, make sure you have a good sound system in your car, as the sports center will be feeding movie audio straight to your radio! If you don’t have one, or you are worried your car will run low on battery, simply bring a portable radio.

HUB says that phone apps will not work, as they do not have FM antennas.

You can get refreshments and snacks on-site, too. The sports center is located in Liberty Lake at 19619 E. Cataldo Avenue.

For more information, visit the HUB Sports Center website here.