Enjoy a pleasantly cool night before the heat returns – Kris

Considering our very slow start to summer, it only makes sense that we are making up for lost time. BIG TIME. We topped out in the lower 90s in Spokane Monday, and it’s only getting hotter. With that in mind, enjoy a relatively cool night tonight. With most clear skies, low relative humidity and light winds, temperatures will easily drop to the upper 50s and lower 60s.  Meanwhile, highs Tuesday will climb into the mid-90s, which is about 10 degrees above average.

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On Wednesday, a HEAT ADVISORY and an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING will take effect. Temperatures will continue to climb to near-record 100° by Thursday.  Right now, it looks like the hot, dry weather will continue through at least the weekend. However, stay tuned for the possibility of the addition of thunderstorm development in the forecast early next week.

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