End the Violence toolkit to help businesses address domestic violence

Spokane Domestic Violence

SPOKANE, Wash. — With reports domestic violence having increased, a toolkit is being developed to help businesses recognize signs of it and create safe working environments for employees.

Domestic violence is a prevalent issues in Spokane that must be addressed in all settings, including the workplace, and there continues to be significant concern regarding violence in the community.

Providence Health Care has awarded the Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition (SRDVC) $154,500 to help create and implement the End the Violence Toolkit for area businesses. SRDVC is partnering with YWCA Spokane and area businesses to develop a high-quality program uniquely for the region.

“Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition is grateful for the support of Providence,” said Annie Murphey, Executive Director at SRDVC. “That, in turn, helps us support local businesses as we partner, collaborate, and create unique education and training materials, and as we work to End the Violence. We are excited to work with the business community in new and innovative ways to support healthy families.”

The toolkit will provide training and resources to help businesses and organizations recognize signs of domestic violence, develop workplace policies and create safe working environments. It will also direct employers and employees to support services, which will increase community awareness and better coordinating community response to domestic violence.

“We look forward to working with the local business community to ensure we can create a resource that is relevant, user-friendly, and accessible. Thanks to this generous grant from Providence, and partnership with SRDVC, we can work together to create a healthy and safe community for all,“ said Morgan Colburn, YWCA Spokane Director of Counseling, Advocacy and Outreach.

To ensure the toolkit’s utility, SRDVC and YWCA Spokane are conducting focus groups to gain insights from local organizations.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community recognized a heightened need for such a toolkit,” says Peg Currie, Chief Operating Officer for Providence Health Care. “By partnering with Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition, YWCA Spokane and the business community, we will help employers raise awareness of domestic violence.”

Currie added that they will help employers connect employees with resources, whether they are enduring or perpetuating domestic violence.

Reports of domestic and family violence have increased, creating an urgent need to provide support and services for families experiencing it. SRDVC plans to pilot the toolkit this summer.