Economy may heavily impact Spokane’s race for mayor

The race for mayor in Spokane has been focused on several issues like public safety, homelessness, and the housing crisis.

However, the economy may play an even bigger role in the election.

“Typically you measure an economy on four things; retail sales, home sales, construction and automobiles,” former state lawmaker Kevin Parker said. “Those are the four fundamentals any economist begin to measuring an economy and now voters are going to begin asking questions.”

Those factors not only affect the economy, but they affect a lot of the things voters are worried about such as the housing issue in Spokane.

But, when it comes to comparing the economy in the U.S. to right here in Spokane, there is a bit of a delay.

“The Spokane market typically has followed the national market by about 18 months, so a lot of times historically where a recession has been felt or a really strong economy, we don’t feel that for another 18 months either way,” Parker said.

While the economy fluctuates, voters in Spokane can expect this race to really heat up over the next few weeks.

“You’ll see a micro-focusing, you’ll see a lot of mailers and a lot of TV ads, and this is the time where PAC’s and third parties start to weigh in,” Parker said.