Eastern’s Adams fancy footwork always on display

Eastern’s Adams fancy footwork always on display

Vernon Adams’ fancy footwork helped him make the play of the season, but it’s his demeanor that impressed his team the most.

“He took a huge step,” Eastern head coach Beau Baldwin says. “He went through some serious highs and lows in that game. So he went through a lot of emotion and stuff, but he handled himself well the entire time even when things weren’t going well, and made some plays.”

Senior wide receiver Greg Herd adds, “We had down times, we were down by about nine I believe, but he kept his head up, and was dancing out there on the field, and we pulled it out.”

Dancing, while down by nine points in the fourth quarter? Not surprising for a guy that busts a move every chance he gets.

“You know I got some moves,” Vernon admits. “I got ’em going on out here so I don’t know, we’ll have to see, maybe get a little dance competition going on.”

Herd says, “He’s got some moves, you know. I’ll take some notes from him and see what he can do.”

Eastern’s Adams fancy footwork always on display

Baldwin adds, “I like our players to be who they are. As long as they’re out here taking care of business, and this and that, I want them to be free. I think that’s when you play at your best.”

There might even be some correlation between the constant dancing, and Vernon’s ability to scramble and keep plays alive.

“He’s a big time play-maker, and the ability for him to scramble, DB’s have to honor him more and next thing you know, you’re wide open over the top,” Herd says.

“He’s got good feet, whether it’s on the field or dancing, I guess,” Baldwin allows.

Good enough foot-work to lead Eastern to a 2-0 conference start.