Eastern Eagles look to bounce back from Saturday’s loss in first home game

The Eastern Eagles are back to work in Cheney, getting ready for their first home game of the year, but even they admit they’re still not feeling good after the way their opener went against Washington.

It’s something they’re eager to get out of their system.

“We don’t go into games and expect to lose. We’re not just there for fun,” said Spencer Blackburn. “So we went in with full anticipation that we were going to put points on the board and actually give them a run for thier money, and we didn’t do that and it was really disappointing.”

One of the biggest hurdles in front of the Eagles this week might be emotion and overcoming a loss to a near Top-10 team in front of 65,000 fans.

“Sometimes there’s good stings,” said Coach Aaron Best. “This is a good sting that will help motivate us to how we can dot more I’s and cross more T’s. Our preparation wasn’t as well as it could have been last week, top to bottom starting with me.”

Now, coming back to Cheney to play a team from Division 2 is something the Eagles feel like they could have a grasp on.

“They could very well come in here and give us a run for our money,” said Blackburn. “If we take this game half-hearted and you don’t go into it with a full anticipation that this is going to be a good team, it could go either way.”

When it comes to Lindenwood, there’s a lot up in the air. They have a new defensive coordinator and they haven’t had a game, so Eastern doesn’t really know what to expect.

“They’re after the first thing we are, and that’s our first win,” said Best. “So they’re arguably fresher not having played last week so one would argue maybe that we can kind of work some things out now that we’ve been in one game.”

No matter who has the advantage with playing or not playing, the Eagles definitely have the advantage this week in terms of the game’s location.

“It’s pretty crazy,” said Blackburn, “I mean, this is a pretty small stadium compared to some, but it gets going like no other. It’s really an exciting place to play.”