#4ThePeople: East Valley schools ask voters to renew $18.5 million levy for school infrastructure improvements

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.– In the upcoming November Election, the East Valley School District is asking voters for help.

District officials say the school buildings are aging and in desperate need of repairs.

They say an existing levy is now expiring. An $18.5 million renewal levy will be spent on new roofs, heating and cooling systems, and more security cameras.

East Valley High School officials are welcoming this renewal levy.

“We have traditional buckets catching water sometimes,” said Matthew Stevens, Principal at East Valley High School.

Stevens says aged roofs are a major headache when it rains.

“We have leaking run down the side of the wall. A lot of times, ceiling tiles become swollen with water, and sometimes they break through,” Stevens said.

He says students have a hard time studying in class, particularly when it’s warm.

“They come out of class. They want to drink (water) a little bit more. They want to focus better but just have trouble with an intensity of heat,” Stevens said.

The East Valley School District wants to fix this. The district is asking taxpayers to renew an expiring levy to make infrastructure improvements at the school.

“Last week, during the rain storm, there was water flowing into the hallway of Trent Elementary. Roofs have been maintained, it’s just getting old,” said Neale Rasmussen, Executive director of business services and technology at East Valley School District.

If passed, taxpayers will still pay the same amount over the next four years. They would pay 75 cents per $1,000 in assessed home value.

100622 East Valley School District Capital Levy Full

“Even if the assessed value goes up, we will never collect more than that amount, so the rate will drop if the assessed value does go up,” Rasmussen said.

If renewed this November, district officials say the project will begin next summer.

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