Earth Grown KidDoughs: A gift that keeps on giving for autism, special needs ‘kiddos’

SPOKANE, Wash. — Based in Camas, Washington, Cali Talbot is the owner of Earth Grown KidDoughs, a “Play-Doh”-like product that’s nothing like Play-Doh.

It’s long-lasting with a long-term benefit for the kids who play with it.

They’re squishy, silky, sometimes scented and sensory-friendly.

Talbot’s homemade doughs are a big hit among special needs families across the state.

But before sharing them with families as far as Spokane and North Idaho, it all started years ago with one of her daughter who has an avoidant sensory processing disorder.

“She was not a big fan of touching things like Play-Doh which is what occupational therapists will tell you to use to get your kids touching and feeling those different things, building their fine motor skills and so we were wanting her to play with it but she hated the feeling of regular Play-Doh,” said Talbot.

With a background in chemistry and baking, Talbot decided to make a special kind of dough with all natural ingredients.

The dough itself is very soft, silky and stretchy.

Talbot says it does really well with kids with sensory issues because of how it feels on their hands.

“It doesn’t crumble and it’s not gritty like a regular playdough would be.She also sells the kiddoughs with loose play pieces.There’s all sorts of fine motor skills that we’re developing whenever we’re getting in there and we’re working with play dough regardless of age. And then there’s a serious calming effect when we’re concentrating on something and especially when we’re involving all of the senses”

Talbot has been delivering and shipping Earth Grown KidDoughs to Spokane area families for about 5 to 6 years.

She’s even partnered with the ISAAC Foundation here in Spokane.

“What we love about that dough is the sensory quality of it and since we’re an organization that serves autism and other special needs, it seemed like a really good partnership so we reached out to her and asked if she was willing to make a signature dough for the ISAAC Foundation,” said founder and Executive Director of the ISAAC Foundation Holly Goodman.

Earth Grown KidDoughs: A gift that keeps on giving for autism, special needs "kiddos"

ISAAC Foundation signature dough


You can buy these doughs on the ISAAC Foundation’s website.

It’s been very hard for non-profits so we really appreciate their support in allowing us to be able to market and have our own signature brand.

Talbot says homeschooling parents, occupational therapists and special education teachers have also ordered the kits.

She’s happy to not only provide a fun product, but one that’ll help kids with their education and development.

“That’s always been one of my hugest prides is that I’ve been able to help those other families. Like yes, it’s a wonderful toy but man it’s great when it’s a tool too.”

Spokane area orders of the dough kits are being accepted in time for Christmas by 5 p.m. on Dec. 17.

They will be delivered and shipped on Dec. 18 and 19 and on Dec. 21 at the latest.

For more information and to make an order, see the Earth Grown KidDoughs website.

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