Earth Day 2020: City of Spokane hosts sustainability webinar series

SPOKANE, Wash. — The City of Spokane has been hosting virtual presentations about what you can do from home to conserve more and reduce waste.

The topics mostly cover composting and water conservation.

Monday’s webinar was about composting for beginners — basically building a compost pile in the backyard and turning your garden and kitchen waste into soil.

Then Tuesday’s was about how to conserve more and waste less through recycling and composting.

Education Coordinator for Spokane’s Solid Waste Department Kris Major said since more people are staying home, there has been an increase in solid waste materials and it’s important that they’re disposed of properly.

“People are supporting restaurants which is great, but there’s a lot of takeout containers and so you really have to be careful that those containers are going in the right place because not all of them are compostable, not all of them are recyclable,” said Major.

The virtual presentation on Earth Day is about being water wise.

You can learn about a variety of water-saving tips like installing low flow aerators in your faucets and turning off the faucet altogether while you brush your teeth or shave.

Conservation Coordinator Kristen Zimmer said overall, Spokane does well in meeting conservation goals when it comes to indoor water usage.

The problem lies with water usage outdoors.

For example, right now, it’s too early to water the grass.

“Your grass will be fine. It may be a little yellow right now, that’s because it’s just waking up,” said Zimmer. “Grass goes dormant during the winter. So it’s just waking up, you don’t need to water it now. I wouldn’t worry about putting your sprinklers on until about the middle of may or the end of may, honestly.”

Each webinar is from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and registration is free on the Cisco Webex platform.

Past presentations will be posted on social media at a later date.