Early freeze impacting local farmers at Greenbluff

The freezing weekend left many people concerned about their plants – including local growers up at Greenbluff.

Farmers were concerned after the overnight freeze warning, but as it turned out, most of the crops actually did just fine. Now, the primary concern is a lack of business due to the cold weather.

“I was relieved that it didn’t happen, like, two weeks ago,” says Jason Morrell, owner of Walter’s Fruit Ranch, “Right now, I mean, everything is ready for picking – the growing part is done.”

While the cold weather may have hit sooner than anticipated, Morrell says most of his crops are in the clear. However, he is aware that the freeze is not over yet, which could leave other farmers in a bind.

“I have another commercial orchard, that I grow honeycrisp apples,” says Morrell, “We made sure to get them all off the trees, and we packed them out.”

Freezing temperatures are the least of his worries, he says.

“When it snowed on this weekend’s [Harvest] festival… it wasn’t good for business,” Morrell says, “We had to send a lot of our staff home, and we just worked on a skeleton crew to keep it open.”

The Harvest Festival happens every October, and is what Greenbluff farmers worked tirelessly for each and every year. “What’s expected tonight looks a little more extreme, but I don’t think it’s going to be a long enough freeze,” says Morrell.

He says he is focused on what he has been working on all year – praying that Mother Nature will provide some relief before the next storm.