Eager shoppers invade Nike Factory store

Eager shoppers invade Nike Factory store

The line started just after 6:30 Thursday morning and by the time the ribbon was cut just before 10, there were a couple of hundred eager Spokanites to get into the region’s first Nike Factory store. 

First shoppers in the store? A group of Gonzaga Prep incoming Seniors.

“I mean, we were thinking about camping, but we didn’t,” admitted Trevor Holt. “Good move, good move. We got here early and we were pretty happy we were first.”

Many came to the store with a shopping list in mind – but after the grand entrance and a fresh $10 gift card, a lot of shoppers got carried away

“I kind of had an idea. My wife and I both came down. She wanted a new pair of shoes. I did too,” said Tim Carlberg. “Went through the whole store and looked at everything. So, we bought a good amount of stuff today.”

The store’s opening was the culmination of about three years of planning, and Nike brass couldn’t be happier with their Spokane marriage.

“It has been incredible,” declared Steen Copeland, Retail District Director. “I’ve come out here a few times, to just recruit for talent and look for people to hire and join the staff, and every time we’re out we ask people, is Spokane excited for Nike, and it’s always ‘YES!’ So it’s been just a thrill ride for us.”

The first 200 shoppers will receive a $10 gift card every day this weekend. Doors open at 10 a.m.