E:60 profiles Mike Leach this Sunday on ESPN

Mike Leach is the subject of the next episode of ESPN’s long-running sports documentary show, E:60.

Leach, who won his second Pac-12 Coach of the Year award last season, has built a strong resume over more than 30 years of coaching college football.

To start, he’s credited with creating the air raid offense. As offensive coordinator for Valdosta State, Leach and head coach Hal Mumme created the offensive system back in 1992. Since then, Leach has incorporated the pass heavy offense into every coaching job he’s had, and found great success consistently. The air raid has since been used and adapted by coaches from high school to the NFL.

He leads Texas Tech in overall wins, where he broke more than 150 NCAA, Big 12 and school records. He also notched 9 consecutive bowl appearances.

After his departure from the Red Raiders, he quickly turned Washington State into a contender in the Pac-12. He’s the first coach in WSU history to win 11 games in a season, and he’s currently on a streak of four consecutive bowl game appearances.

But it appears the documentary will focus on more than just his football career, likely profiling his unique personality.

Leach consistently provides entertainment nearly every time someone hands him a microphone. His unique answers to press conference questions, and his passion for studying a wide variety of non-football related subjects, -the list includes pirates, chimpanzees, bears, Bigfoot and so much more. He’s caught the attention of fans around America, being dubbed “The most interesting football coach” by sportswriters with USA Today.

We’re over a month away from the Cougars season kickoff against New Mexico State, and we can expect Mike Leach to continue to go viral for his post game comments throughout the 2019 season. If you need something to hold you over until then, you can check him out on E:60 Sunday, July 21st at 6 A.M. on ESPN.