E.coli contamination prompts boil advisory for Liberty Lake residents

A water boil advisory has been issued for people living in Liberty Lake after the Sewer & Water District found contaminants in the water.

Crews originally found E.coli in a sample taken from a fire hydrant on E. Appleway. Additional sampling was done at area schools and businesses, which came back clean.

Another sample that tested positive for E.coli was taken from Western Peterbilt. The contaminated sample was taken Tuesday and the results came in Wednesday morning.

Crews are conducting additional testing, but believe the contamination is limited to the east Appleway area. As a precaution, they are asking everyone to boil water because the system is all inter-linked.

Residents should boil water for at least one minute before consuming it.

“We are taking action to eliminate the bacteria from the water system,” said BiJay Adams, general manager of the Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District, “Safe and reliable drinking water is critical to good health. Responding to this kind of situation is our highest priority.”

The system is currently being flushed and reservoirs are being disinfected, and no injuries or illnesses have been reported.

The advisory will remain in place until the Sewer & Water District and the Department of Health lift it.