‘Buildings come and go, but people do not’: Dutch Bros owner Kevin Parker gives emotional response to Freya crash

Dutch Bros Crash August 20 2021 Inside
Kevin Parker
The inside of the Dutch Bros on Freya that was hit by a truck on August 20

SPOKANE, Wash. — Dutch Bros owner Kevin Parker gave an emotional response to the crash on Freya that injured seven people, including the coffee shop’s employees. His daughter was working there when it happened.

“Buildings come and go, but people do not. The damage was so severe, no less than ten firemen and police offices specifically said it was a miracle no one lost their life yesterday, including my own daughter who works for us,” Parker said on Facebook.

The crash happened on Friday where a dump truck crashed through nine cars and two buildings. The driver, McGavin Medrain, has been charged with vehicular assault.

Parker said two employees were hospitalized. One had minor injuries, but another required extensive surgery. He was told by the employee’s mom that the surgery went well, but there is a long road ahead.

“There is no question losing a stand is a blow, but frankly it pails in comparison when considering multiple lives were spared by a miracle yesterday,” he said. “We have counseling available for the staff and are intentional about getting time with them to process the trauma they experienced from this very senseless and careless act.”

Parker said he is deeply grateful for the people reaching out and expressing concern for the incident. He also expressed gratitude toward Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer as well as the police and firefighters who were “so compassionate, kind and professional.”

“I am a firm believer adversity deepens the soul,” Parker said. “There is no question we will be stronger, but also deeper as a company that not only seeks to serve the highest quality coffee bean, but we strive to impact lives along the way.”

He said Freya staff can be found at various stands until the Freya shop is rebuilt in a few months.

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