Drunk driver crashes into Prohibition Gastropub ahead of Restaurant Week

Drunk driver crashes into Prohibition Gastropub.
Drunk driver crashes into Prohibition Gastropub. Credit: Prohibition Gastropub

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Prohibition Gastropub reopened on Thursday, just in time to participate in Restaurant Week. The restaurant temporarily closed when a car crashed into it Wednesday night.

Spokane Police said the driver was under the influence at the time of the crash and was arrested shortly after.

Contractors and engineers are working to determine just how much the damage will cost, but an original estimate looks to be around $40,000. The owners initially said it could potentially halt the restaurant’s operations for up to two weeks.

They weren’t about to let the incident stop them from participating in Restaurant Week, though.

“I think more than anything it’s a good reminder not to drink and drive,” said Jill Leonetti, the owner of Prohibition Gastropub. “This is a really unfortunate situation. Again, I hope the driver’s okay. We’re going to be okay. The building’s just a thing. It’ll get repaired. It’s a good motivator to get the outside maybe remodeled maybe sooner rather than later.”

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