Driver on Sprague Ave. accused of hitting 100mph

The Spokane Sheriff’s Office arrested a 19 year old man last week for allegedly speeding on Sprague Avenue at more than 100 miles an hour and using at least one dirt mound as a jump.

According to investigators, Deputy Clay Hilton noticed a black Volkswagen speeding down Sprague near McDonald Road on April 22, just before 11:00 p.m.

When the deputy tried to pull the driver over, investigators say 19 year old Mihail Seremet continued to drive recklessly and tried to evade the deputy.

According to the Sheriff’s Offiice, as he approached Sullivan, Seremet turned into the parking lot on the southwest corner. He then allegedly accelerated through a bank’s drive through lanes before turning south in the parking lot.

Investigators say Seremet then turned west behind the business, accelerated, drove between two dumpsters and onto a dirt walking trail.

They say Seremet reached speeds of approximately 50mph on the dirt trail as he rapidly approached Progress Rd. and a dirt mound used to prevent vehicle traffic from accessing the trail from Progress.

Seremet did not stop, launching his vehicle over the mound. Investigators say on the other side of Progress, he attempted to launch himself off another dirt mound back onto the walking trail but instead became stuck.

According to the Sheriff’s Ofiice, not knowing if Seremet was armed or if he planned to continue his attempt to escape, Deputy Hilton exited his patrol vehicle with K9 Bane.

Seremet jumped out of the car and began to run. Deputy Hilton identified himself, told Seremet his was under arrests and warned if he did not stop running, K9 Bane would be used to capture him.

The Sheriff’s Office says Seremet tried to run and K9 Bane quickly brought him to the ground. He was provided medical attention prior to being transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail.

After being advised of his rights, deputies say Seremet told them he didn’t pull over because he was scared and thought he could get away.

When asked why he was driving so recklessly and fast, investigators say Seremet explained that he was “Listening to good music and wanted to drive fast”

Seremet was booked into jail for Attempting to Elude a Police Vehicle and Obstructing/Resisting Arrest.