Drink beer and donate to local charities at Spokane’s newest brewery

Drink beer and donate to local charities at Spokane’s newest brewery
YaYa Brewing Company

Brothers and co-founders, Jason and Chris Gass, created YaYa Brewing Company to create beers that will make their sister Lara proud.

Lara tragically passed away on March 18, 2014, leaving behind a legacy of passion for helping others, academia and of course, beer.

Lara’s brother, Chris, is the company’s brewmaster and has been involved in the brewing scene since the early 2000s, so he knew it was about time to take a step further in the brewery scene.

The name, YaYa Brewing Company, came about from the nickname of Lara. As a child, her brother, Jason, was unable to pronounce the name Lara (lah-rah), so her nickname then became “YaYa” and stuck with her ever since.

YaYa Brewing Company strives to brew their beer with integrity, character, and great pride as those are all qualities that Lara embodied.

Just as Lara would do, her brothers plan to lend a hand to the community as they will donate one percent of all tasting room sales of their finest beer, Angel IPA, to local charities. Their intent is to rotate charities month-to-month. The Angel IPA is brewed and named after Lara.

The Gass brothers just opened YaYa Brewing Company this year and is located on 11712 E. Montgomery Dr. The company was founded in Jan. 18, 2018 and strive to create “craft beers with character and integrity brewed to be consumed whether you’re on the trail or in the tavern.”