‘Dreamin’ Wild’ movie shot in Inland Northwest to debut this fall

Donnie and Joe Emerson
Credit: Donnie and Joe Emerson via Spotify

SPOKANE, Wash. — The movie “Dreamin’ Wild”, which was filmed around the Inland Northwest, is set to premiere this fall.

The film tells the story of Spokane musician/songwriter Donnie Emerson and his brother Joe Emerson, who recorded an album in Fruitland, Washington in 1979 when they were teenagers.

The album went mostly unnoticed until a Spokane record collector sent it to a friend in Seattle who owns a company that resurrects old recordings. The album was re-released and became an instant hit. The Emersons amassed millions of streams since the re-release, especially for the song “Baby,” which became an internet sensation.

After a story appeared in the New York Post about the unlikely success of the album 32 years after it was recorded, a film producer contacted the family to turn this amazing story into a major motion picture.

“Dreamin’ Wild” shot its final scene in Hunters, Washington this past week. It will be shown at several film festivals around the world this fall, including the Cannes International film festival. The worldwide release date will be announced after the festivals.

The film stars Academy Award Winner Casey Affleck as Donnie Emerson, Walton Goggins as Joe Emerson, Zoey Deschanel as Donnie’s wife Nancy Sophia Emerson, and Beau Bridges as the elder Don Emerson.

Donnie Emerson with “Nancy Sophia and The Dreamin’ Wild Band” will also be performing at the “Live After 5” music series in Coeur D’ Alene’s McEuen Park on August 17. Donnie and his band have played throughout the United States and this will be his first major appearance in The Inland Northwest in over a year and a half.