How to see the Draconid meteor shower in the Inland Northwest

SPOKANE, Wash.– If you want a chance to see some meteors but don’t want to stay up all night, the next couple of evenings might be what you’ve been looking for!

The Draconid meteor shower peaks the night of October 8 and will still be active through the night of October 10.

While the Draconid shower isn’t usually super-active, according to, the best time to look is before midnight. Which is the opposite of other meteor showers like the Perseids. Those meteor showers usually bring the most action at three or four 0’clock in the morning.

To maximize your chances of seeing a meteor, get away from light pollution and look northwest. Find the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. Then look above the Big Dipper and to the up-and-left of the Little Dipper for meteors coming from around the constellation Drac0 (the dragon). Click here to see a map of where the constellations will be at certain times of the night.

Constellations near the draconid meteor shower

The weather forecast on Friday and Saturday night should be clear enough in most of the Inland Northwest to do a little meteor hunting. Sunday night will be cloudy as a storm system brings in rain and mountain snow showers.

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