Dozens gather to golf in honor of beloved Hudson’s Hamburgers owner

He was known for running a North Idaho institution at Hudson’s Hamburgers, but those who were close to Todd Hudson know he was so much more than his business.

“He’s everyone’s friend, you know… He was always there,” said Hudson’s daughter Cassie. “You could always go to Todd, go to Dad, go to your best friend for help and… he just was so dependable, you know? And that’s why he has so many great connections, because he just had so much love to give.”

Hudson passed away in 2017 after a short and unexpected cancer battle. He was just 53 years old. In the years since his death, Cassie and her mom Joni have taken it upon themselves to live out his legacy by organizing a golf tournament in his name at the Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course.

“I think this is the best way to kind of just celebrate how amazing he is and was,” said Cassie.

More than 80 golfers turned out Sunday to honor Hudson — and every stroke served a purpose. Proceeds from the tournament went to golf scholarships at local high schools, as well as a non-profit which was founded by Hudson’s friend Kristi Herby.

Herby is a children’s author who tours schools across the region with her dog Stewy to encourage a love for reading.

“The proceeds are going towards Stories with Stewy non-profit, which in a very large part, I began because of Todd’s encouragement,” said Herby. “He, you know, always encouraged me to keep going and just to follow my dreams. And I know he encouraged a lot of his friends to do that.”

The tournament, now in its second year, raised $12,000 in its first year — even when it was put together so last minute. The Hudsons and Herby are hoping this year, they’ll raise even more in honor of Hudson.

“He was so sarcastic and so fun, he just made everybody laugh. He had that dry sense of humor that you kind of had to listen for,” said Hudson’s wife Joni. “[He] was just so fun and loving and he just had so many friends. All ages — he just had friends everywhere.”