Downtown Spokane shuts down for Hoopfest transformation

Downtown Spokane shuts down for Hoopfest transformation


It’s beginning to look a lot like Hoopfest in Downtown Spokane.

Thursday night, cars moved out of the downtown core and volunteers armed with rolls of tape moved in.

“We try to be as precise as possible,” RJ Del Mese said.

Del Mese has been setting up Hoopfest courts for a decade.

“It’s fun, get the kids out, run around the streets. I love Hoopfest,” he added.

Del Mese has an eye for detail; he’s an accountant after all.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the streets are a little crowned so when you get to the edges the hoop tends to be a little higher and so we try to line it up as straight as possible. I don’t think the players care, there’s a hoop in the middle of the street and they are going to fire at it,” Del Mese said.

Katie Burton is also an accountant with an eye for detail.  She said the template provided by Hoopfest makes setting up courts a little easier.

“It’s pretty precise already,” Katie Burton said. 

“Just making sure the lines are straight.  I play too so I appreciate lines straight,” she added.

It takes volunteers several hours and 10.5 miles of tape to make 450 courts.