Don’t trash your carved pumpkins! Donate them instead

How To Pick And Prep The Perfect Pumpkin

Keep in mind the face you plan to carve before choosing the shape and size of your pumpkin.

MEAD, Wash.– Looking to dispose of your carved pumpkins? Donate them to the Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary!

The sanctuary is open for donations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the week. The best time to stop by is during the late morning and early afternoon on weekends.

The hungry animals love feasting on the donated pumpkins, and the sanctuary says they appreciate the help they get with providing fresh produce.

Before donating your pumpkins, make sure to remove any candles or external artwork. Pumpkins with glitter, mold or paint will not be accepted by Higher Ground.

Higher Ground Animal Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue homeless animals or animals in need.

If you are in a crunch for time, Waste Management says pumpkins are compostable in Spokane. Again, be sure to remove any external decorations before placing your pumpkin in the food or yard waste collection bin.

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