Donor gives $12K to Women and Children’s Free Restaurant after seeing them on 4 News Now

Women And Childrens Free Restaurant
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SPOKANE, Wash. — After seeing the work Women and Children’s Free Restaurant is doing during the pandemic on 4 News Now, a community member donated $12,000 to the nonprofit.

4 News Now has been committed to sharing the stories of women facing difficult decisions during the pandemic, being disproportionately affected.

It’s affected how women put food on the table.

The Women and Children’s Free Restaurant has been stepping up to help the community.

In 2020 alone, the restaurant served more than a million free meals to women and their families.

After that story, someone in the Spokane community came forward, anonymously, and wanted to help the nonprofit and it’s mission: Help keep feeding women and children in need.

“The new donor to our organization saw the coverage on KXLY and heard the stories of the women in the vehicles and that touched them, the unemployment, the need, and it just hit their heart in a way they wanted to be part of the solution and make a big contribution,” said Lisa Diffley, the nonprofit’s executive director.

“It’s a really a heartwarming moment that we’re all working together as a community to support these families that need us,” Diffley said. “We know women have been hit very hard by the pandemic and unemployment is a big piece of their story, now.”

Diffley says the $12,000 can go a long way in feeding thousands of people in Spokane.

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