Don Kardong Bridge gets funding for repairs

SPOKANE, Wash.– The bridge that connects the Univerity District near Gonzaga to downtown Spokane now has the money it needs to get repaired.

On Monday, Spokane City Council allocated $1,450,000 of American Rescue Plan funds towards fixing up the Don Kardong Bridge, which is part of the Centennial Trail.

Some preliminary work has already been done. That includes stakeholder outreach, design, draft bid documents, permitting, and securing significant grants.

The overall cost of repairs to the bridge is about $2,300,000. Spokane Parks and Recreation secured a $726,000 grant from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office and $145,000 from the Friends of Centennial Trail and University District Public Development Authority, but the project has to be completed by spring 2023 to stay grant eligible.

Overall, the management of the Centennial Trail falls under Washington State Parks. However, the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the trail in the city.

“The missing piece was additional funding, and bridges are expensive to repair. When we have to allocate a large amount of our Parks & Recreation budget to bridges, our neighborhood parks don’t get the resources they need and deserve,” said Garrett Jones, director of City of Spokane Parks & Recreation. “We are grateful to the City Council for allocating these funds toward necessary repairs on this important pedestrian connector in District 1.”

The bridge renovation includes deck replacement from wood to concrete, some concrete pier repair, replacement of the bridge overlooks and guardrails, installation of a new lighting system, and bollards at each end of the bridge.

The project is set to be finished by spring 2023.

Earlier this month, Spokane Parks & Recreation also received $1.1 million in ARP funding allocations from the City Council to go towards upgrades to restrooms and playgrounds. The division will return to City Council and the Administration with a spending plan allocating resources to specific parks and projects next month.

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