Domino’s Pizza could soon be fixing potholes in Spokane

Domino’s Pizza could soon be fixing potholes in Spokane

If you’re tired of potholes all over town, then you might want to become a fan of Domino’s Pizza. The pizza giant has been fixing potholes all over the country, and Spokane could be next.

Their Paving for Pizza campaign promises to help you get your pizza home without damaging the pie.

It’s safe to say reviews on the campaign were mixed in downtown Spokane Tuesday.

“I mean, it’s nice that they did that,” said Gianna of Missoula. “But it’s definitely a publicity stunt..”

“I like it,” declared her friend Tesa.

Domino’s, much to the delight of four city budgets, has already fixed more than 50 potholes in Burbank, CA Bartonville, TX, Milford, DE and Athens, GA. The catch – they’re leaving behind spray painted logos.

“Why not,” asked Alex of Spokane. “It’s spray paint, it’s probably not gonna last that long. If that means I can save my car some suspension, why wouldn’t we do this. This is a total no brainer.”

The idea behind the campaign is to prevent pizza from getting damaged on the road en route to your kitchen table, and maybe we’ll all talk a little Domino’s in the process.

All you have to do is log onto and pop in a Spokane zip code. If there’s enough votes, we could see a lot of Domino’s logos very soon.