Dog with tumor gets survivor scarf from WSU

A couple from Oregon has been living in Pullman for the past month while their 11-year-old dachshund gets radiation therapy at Washington State University.

Booda was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in August. She’s had 18 radiation treatments and Wednesday was her final one.

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“She just was not moving as much, wasn’t as attentive,” said Frank Wallace, Booda’s owner.

After seeing a specialist in Oregon, an MRI showed that 11-year-old Booda was suffering from a brain tumor.

“The 12th of August we had the diagnosis of the brain tumor. Within two weeks, we were here doing radiation treatment,” said Wallace.

“She’s been doing really great since starting. She decided to show improvement over the first few weeks,” said Dr. Caroline Hohlman, Specialty Oncology Intern at WSU.

So much improvement, that Booda will no longer need radiation treatments.

“This is certainly something that we do have good success rates for,” said Hohlman.