Dog with bucket list gets married

Dog with bucket list gets married

A Pennsylvania family is helping their dog complete a bucket list.

Mister Molson, a golden retriever, was diagnosed with cancer about 12 weeks ago, WPMT reported. His owner, Tim Griffin, then compiled a list of adventures to help the dog enjoy the last months of his life to the fullest.

“He’s always there for people, so this gives us a chance for everybody to come back out for him,” Griffin, a single father of two, told WPMT. “With the kids, also, I wanted to try to take it as an opportunity to be less negative about it.”

Molson has become an honorary firefighter, a police sergeant and the president of a labor union.

“It’s been 12 weeks since the surgery, and in those 12 weeks, we’ve had a lot of fun,” Griffin said.

The dog even got married.

“My dad had the idea that Molson would get married and someone was willing to let him get married,” Elliot, Griffin’s son, told WPMT.

The boy said that Molson will be missed. “There’s going to be less going on, because he’s an important part of the family,” he said.

Griffin said it’s been hard to imagine a life without Molson.

“When I come home and he’s not there, just not having him by my side all the time, I think is when it’s really going to sink in,” Griffin said.

Griffin set up a website so others could follow Molson’s adventures.