Dog returns home to Nine Mile Falls after coyote scare

It was a terrifying scene for one dog owner in Nine Mile Falls Tuesday morning who found her beloved pet surrounded by coyotes.

Susan Rae went to check on her dog, Buddy, after hearing barking and squealing coming from outside and saw three coyotes which cornered her dog.

“My first thought was to save my dog,” said Rae.

So she grabbed her rifle and fired a shot, scaring the coyotes away but also her other dog, Ginger. Rae spent most of Thursday searching the woods and calling animal shelters, worried Ginger may never return home.

Rae says she’s lived on her 100 plus acre property for nearly 40 years and is used to seeing cougars and lots of coyotes – but she’s never seen them this close to her house and threatening her dogs.

After an unsuccessful search, Rae posted to a community Facebook page and before she knew it, five of her neighbors – with their dogs – came to search her property.

“We just fanned out over this whole area,” said Rae. “I couldn’t believe it and I called and whistled and called and she always came, immediately. I’m really hoping and praying that she’ll come back to me. I want Ginger back home.”

Those prayers were answered Tuesday evening. Rae told Kxly that Ginger had found her way to a neighbor’s farm. She had no injuries but is one tired pup.