Dog rescued after wedging head into wheel

Dog rescued after wedging head into wheel

A Montana canine is safe but dog-tired after he found himself stuck in a tight situation.

We’re talking really tight. He got his head wedged in a wheel.

It’s not clear how the 8-month-old Coonhound named Blaze wiggled his head into the tire. Blaze’s owner says he left the pup by himself in his yard for just a few hours and came home to find him in this precarious position.

The Butte-Silver Bow Fire Department shared the details about the doggy in distress on its Facebook page.

“With a lot of coconut oil, patience, a lot of ear tucking, and some powerful skin-pulling, Blaze’s head was quickly and successfully extricated from the tire wheel without the use of tools but with Firefighter Zach Osborne’s brute strength.

“Blaze remained uninjured throughout the ordeal. Although some minor neck swelling was noted by the firefighters. Blaze remained calm, cool, and collected throughout the ordeal; he did not make a sound.”

So it was a happy ending, and Blaze’s life was “spared.”

We bet this pup will “tread” more carefully next time.