Dodgeball may teach our kids to be bullies according to researchers

Dodgeball has been played by children and adults alike for decades. However, according to Canadian researches, it may be teaching our children how to be bullies.

At the Canadian Society for the Study of Education’s 2019 conference, the idea was presented by a team of B.C. based researchers. According to CTV News, “the researchers go as far as to suggest that dodgeball is a ‘tool of oppression’ that unfairly targets some students.”

CTV’s story goes on to say, “Researchers argue that the game teaches students to dehumanize each other and instills negative values that we otherwise teach children to avoid.”

David Burns, the study’s co-presenter and educational studies professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, says that the game can become problematic when forced upon students in an educational setting.

“When you play a game in a school, rather than simply playing at home with your friends or something like that, you’re doing that for a particular educational reason and you really need to know what that reason is,” he explained to CTV.


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